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Welcome Wednesday | Nora + Patrick

Meet Nora and Patrick. Nora and Patrick are (as of now) wrapping up the 2016 wedding season for At Last Florals. Nora and Patrick have chosen At Last Florals. Way to go, Nora + Patrick!!

Okay, okay but seriously, from day one they have been so wonderful to work with. We're not only bringing in to-die-for elements but a color palette to be adored and personal touches that absolutely make me love my job! Imagine a winter wedding with Southern elegance, a pop of color and ...well, I'll keep the rest a secret for now. But I am honored to create their dream wedding and from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU Nora + Patrick.

#SouthWoodPlantationWedding #Engagement #weddingrings #AtLastFlorals

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