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Peonies | What is the fuss all about? | Wedding Flower Tips + Tricks | At Last Florals

Peonies. They are the variety of flower that stops brides dead in their tracks and well, we totally get it!

Peonies have grown to become one of the most requested blooms when it comes to weddings and events. With heads that can grow to the size of a softball, and colors such as blush and coral, peonies are here to stay my friends. And for good reason. Just look at them.

Of course we have our favorites and what you can't see is how wonderful these flowers truly smell. As we say, "It's like perfume on a stick"!

Stand alone or paired with varieties of flowers, your At Last Florals team has created some memorable looks from some of the hottest varieties out there.

Meet the classic, Festiva Maxima. Going for classic and crisp we created Sloan's bouquet entirely of this glorious white peony.

Photo Credit : Kay Meyer Photography

Because coral colored flower varieties are limited, Coral Charm is always a favorite. We created Maren's bouquet with all coral blooms, while, Cora's was mixed with shades of pink and Red to add a unique pop of color.

And for Leslie, AKA Mrs. Durkee, multiple shades of pink and blush peonies were showcased in her bouquets, ceremony designs and reception centerpieces.

Easy to see now, what the fuss is all about, right? Flowers speak and peonies, they like to talk! I can't wait for you to share which one speaks to you.

Of course Peonies come with a price tag. For now we'll focus on their beauty but check back soon because we're going to share a few ideas so that you can get the look too without breaking the bank.

Bloom-on my friends,


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